Adding Discounts & Surcharges

Once you have created some discounts & surcharges, you can start adding them to memberships & bills.  Here's how it's done!


Adding Discounts & Surcharges to a Membership

Staff can add both discounts & surcharges to a membership through the +Add a Membership wizard.  On the first screen of the wizard, at the bottom of the page under Custom Details, you will find the Discount(s) field.  The multiple box can be checked to select any combination of discounts and surcharges to be applied.



If you need to go back and add a discount or surcharge to a membership that has already been created, you can navigate to the membership on the member's profile and click on the Billing Summary to add them.



If you have set up an online discount code, it can be used on the payment account screen during the signup process on member connect. 



Adding Discounts & Surcharges to a Bill

Adding discounts & surcharges to a specific bill is very simple.  Go to the member's profile and click on View Bills under the Family & Financial Info section.  Click on the bill that you want to update, then click on the blue Discounts link in the Basic Info section.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-11_at_10.40.22_AM.png      Screen_Shot_2014-12-11_at_10.40.49_AM.png

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