Setting Up Memberships

Membership options are pre-defined membership templates that you create & customize. Membership options show up in the +Add a Person wizard, the +Add a Membership link on a member's profile and on the member connect site with default settings for classes, payment amount and membership terms already filled in. Rather than creating a membership from scratch each time, a staff member or member can select a membership from the list and sign up right away.


How to Set Up a Membership Option

First, go to Setup > Programs > Membership Options.  If you haven't added any memberships yet, you will be immediately presented with the +Add a Membership Option.  If you have already set up a membership option(s), then you can click on the +Add a Membership Option link in the upper left hand corner to add more membership options.

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Let's walk through each section.

Membership Info


The Name field is pretty self explanatory, but there are a few things you can do here that will make your life easier down the road.  

  • Give each membership option it's own unique name.
  • Don't put the price in the name.  It will appear with the membership name everywhere in the studio & member connect.
  • Make the name "what you see is what you get":  2 x per week, Personal Training 5 Pack, Unlimited Monthly, etc. 

Following these suggestions will make it easier for you to visually scan membership reports, identify the kind of membership a member has at a glance and present your membership options to the public in a more professional looking manner.

The Category field is used to organize the display of your membership options in the studio and on member connect. We recommend creating categories based on the different types of memberships: unlimited memberships, limited attendance memberships, class cards. You may also consider categories based on program or audience, such as Personal Training, Tai Chi, Kids or On Ramp.


The Length field lets you set the duration of the membership before it expires.  For a monthly membership, the duration would be "1 Month"; for a 3 month membership, "3 months".  If you are creating class cards, personal training packages or anything else that expires after a set number of attendances, the duration you set will create an either/or situation for membership expiration.  For example, a three class card with a duration of two months will expire when either the 3 attendances have been used OR two months after the membership begin date regardless of how many attendances have been used. 

The Class Limits field is where you will define the attendance limits for the membership.  

  • Unlimited - Unlimited access to the classes & programs you will select to enroll this membership in.  
  • Limited - Lets you set the number of classes and the duration within which they can be used.  For example, limited to 3 classes every week, limited to 10 classes every month or limited to 5 classes expire when full.

The Auto-Renewal field lets you set whether this membership option will renew automatically or not.   If you set it to autorenew, you can also dictate what it will renew into.  The most common setting is "Autorenewal On Copy current membership" which renews the membership into an exact copy of itself on the date it expires.  You can also set it to upgrade or downgrade a membership to a different membership option once the current membership is completed.  For example, once a person completes an on ramp membership they can be automatically upgraded to a regular membership with access to classes beyond the on ramp intros. 

Billing Details


The Installment Plan field lets you set how often the installment amount will be charged.  There are numerous options to choose from, but 'Every Month' and 'Single Payment' are the most commonly used. The Prorate option will prorate the membership & the first bill of the membership to the 1st of the next month. Prorate is specifically designed in Zen Planner for monthly memberships. 

The Installment Amount is the amount of each bill that will be generated according to the frequency of the installment plan selected.  

The Signup fee allows you to set a signup, equipment or other kind of additional administrative fee.  You can also choose whether or not the fee will be charged again upon renewal.

The Taxable option will let you assign a tax rate to your membership if you are required to.  You can create, edit & view tax rates by going to Setup>Financial>Tax Rates.

The Income Category field is used in all Zen Planner reports and in the Profit and Loss Statement.  

Programs & Classes


This section is used to enroll the member into classes.

Important: Make sure to check the box next to all the classes that are valid with this membership option. Otherwise, you'll need to manually enroll them into their classes later.

Once a person is enrolled in a class, he or she will then be able to check-in for the class and Zen Planner will track the person's attendance automatically in the person's profile. With Zen Planner, it's possible for a person to be enrolled in multiple programs within the same membership.

The Enrollment Limit lets you set whether the membership will include enrollment in all the classes & programs you've selected or will force the student to pick specific classes to enroll in.  For example, if you set the enrollment limit to "up to 3 classes" then the student will be asked to choose the three classes they want to enroll in before the membership is finalized.  After the membership is finalized the student will only be able to reserve & check into those classes that they selected.


The Triggers section lets you specify actions that will automatically happen when this membership is sold.

The Add to Group(s) field will automatically assign anyone who signs up for this membership option to the specified group(s).  You can customize your list of Groups under the Setup > Database Tools > Groups menu. Groups appear on the People View and also are used in many reports to help you select, view and organize people into lists or categories. Groups are also used to place people into mailing lists in your MailChimp account

The Add-On field lets you select an additional membership to be added to the member when this membership option is sold.  A common usage for this would be an unlimited monthly membership to group fitness classes with an add-on of a small personal training package or an open gym membership.

The Notify Staff field will send the selected staff member an email when someone signs up for this membership option. 

Membership Status

This section has an Active checkbox that will indicate if the membership is available throughout Zen Planner (box is checked), or is not available throughout Zen Planner (box is unchecked).

If the ‘Active’ checkbox is selected, more options will appear below (the Staff box will automatically be checked when ACTIVE is selected)

  • Staff (Studio, Front Desk, Staff App)
  • In Gym (Kiosk App)
  • Online (Member Connect, Member App)

Each option can be turned on or off by checking the box for increased customization.

The Staff field determines whether this membership option will be listed on the +Add a Membership page in the Studio, on Front Desk and on Staff App (both tablet and mobile). Remove the checkmark when you don't want staff to have access to sell it.  A good example of a membership you may not want Visible to staff would be an add-on only membership.

The In Gym field determines whether this membership option will be available if a member tries to purchase a membership through the Kiosk App on the Select Membership page.

The Online field determines whether this membership option will be available for your members to purchase when they are away from your gym either through the Member Connect Site or on the Member App.


These settings are used to determine how this membership option is displayed and how much payment is required to sign up for this membership option from the member connect site.

The Description field is used to present the details about the membership option on the Sign-Up Now Page.  Give a detailed description of the membership and any warnings about cancellation or refund policies.

The Due at Signup field is used to determine what a person needs to pay.  If payment is required, the person will need to enter their payment account info and have an approved payment before the membership will be finalized.

  • No Payment Required - Use this option if this is a free membership, such as a trial membership.
  • Down Payment Only - Rarely used. Person only needs to pay the amount listed in the signup fee field. 
  • Down + First (RECOMMENDED) - The person will have to pay the first installment + any signup fee.
  • Down  + First + Last Payment - Rarely used except for annual or longer term agreements.  First installment + last installment + any signup fee.

With Enrollment Begins/ Ends, you can control when the membership is available on the member connect site by using the Enrollment Begins/Ends fields. This comes in handy if you want people to pre-register for a class or a program before the program actually begins.  Common uses for this are pre-selling founders memberships leading into a grand opening, or for holiday or summer specials.

The Begin Date defaults to "membership begins on the date it is created" but you can also set a firm start date.  This is most commonly used for selling memberships for camps, seminars or other closed schedule classes that have a hard start date. 


Still have questions? You can reach our Support Team at or at 866-541-3570.

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