What is a membership?

What is a membership?

In Zen Planner, a membership is an agreement between the studio and the member that lists all of the programs and services that the member is able to attend in exchange for payment to the studio. The terms of the agreement includes the renewal terms, attendance limits, automatic payment settings and a list of all bills and payments for this membership.

How do I update membership status?

When you add a membership for any person in your Zen Planner database, the person's status is automatically updated to STUDENT and Zen Planner recognizes this person is an active member when their membership begins. Membership status is frequently used to filter reports and automate outgoing emails and alerts.

Here are available statuses:

  • Current- the membership is currently is progress and the member is able to attend classes
  • On Hold - the membership is not active, but the member still counts as an active student
  • Not Started - the membership begin date has not yet occurred
  • Alumni - the membership was dropped or the membership end date has passed


It is possible for person to have multiple memberships at the same time and a different status in each membership. For example, a member can have a membership that only allows him to attendance two classes per week and a class card membership for 10 classes at the same time. If the member wants to attend three classes, they can use two classes from their weekly members and 1 class from their 10-class card.

If a person has a current membership in at least one program, the person is considered an active student and counted in the monthly calculation of your Zen Planner subscription bill. If a person doesn't have a current membership, Zen Planner doesn't include them in your active member count.

What is a membership option?

When you set up your Zen Planner database, you can turn any membership into a template (a membership option) and use this template to create other memberships with the exact same settings. Membership options show up in the Add a Person Wizard and on the Member Website with default settings for classes, payment amount and membership terms already filled in. This makes it easier for you to set up standard membership that your staff or your members can use to register for a membership. If you're working out a special deal with someone, you can also create a custom membership just for them, without using one of your membership options.

Membership options contain several features which can help you automate your member registration. You can set up a membership option to automatically renew as a different membership, which is helpful if you want to automatically enroll people who complete your introductory program into a your regular classes. You can also use the Groups  feature to send automatic emails to any members who are assigned to a particular group.

And most importantly, you can publish membership options on your member website on the Sign-Up Now page. This allows your customers to register and pay for their memberships online. Check out Getting Started Checklist #2 for more information on activating online member registration on your member website.

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