Setting Up Installment Plans

An installment plan is a schedule of when payments should be made on a membership and the installment amount is the amount due with each scheduled payment. By default, the installment plan field is set to single payment, which is usually used when there is only one installment due, as in a month-to-month membership, a class card membership or a membership that is paid in full at the beginning of the membership.

Zen Planner support wide variety of installment plans, which provides you and your members with a lot of flexibility on how often an installment payment is paid and how much each installment payment costs.


Be Careful: Make sure that the the membership length, the number of installments and the installment amount are correctly entered in this section. While there is a lot of flexibility in these settings, there is also a risk that you could also accidentally bill your members more than once during their membership. 

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