Creating Memberships in a Batch

This topic shows you how use the batch update tool in the People report to select a group of people and create memberships for all of them at the same time. This is most useful when you are getting started using Zen Planner and you have just imported all your people into your Zen Planner account.

When you complete this topic, all of your members will now appear as students in your database and you'll be able to start setting up automatic payments and saving their payment account information in their profile.

1. Select People by Membership Option

Click on the People icon to view a list of all the People in your database. Check the box next to the names of the people who should be enrolled in the same membership option. You can click on the Show All link to display all the people on one long page. When you finished checking all the names, click on the Batch Update button.

In this example, all the people who have been checked will be enrolled in the Unlimited Monthly membership option.


2. Batch Enroll People Into Memberships

From the Batch Update window, click on Tools > Add Membership(s).


From here, you can select which membership option should be used to register the selected people. You can also specify the begin date and first bill due date for each membership. In the example below, all the people I selected will have an Unlimited Monthly membership that begins on the 9th of January and their first bill is due on the 9th of January as well. You can also apply discounts to all the people you selected.


3. Review Your Memberships

When finished, click on the Add Memberships button. The screen will refresh and display a report of all the people and their new memberships. You can click on the edit button to review the settings for the memberships and confirm they are correct. You can also use this report for the next step of the Getting Started Tutorial - activating automatic payments (Auto Pay) on a membership.

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