Setting Up a Month-to-Month Membership

A month-to-month membership is a membership where a person pays at the beginning every month for their access to your studio. The membership is automatically paid each month using a credit card or electronic check saved on file. The member can cancel at any time, although it is a good practice to request written notification of the cancellation and a cancellation date. Members are usually able to have unlimited access to all classes.

When to use Month-to-Month Memberships

Month-to-Month memberships are used by many studios who want to attract a steady base of people to attend and have a wide variety of classes that can appeal to many different groups. Members who don't attend often are most likely to cancel this membership, so only offer this membership to members who attend faithfully and want a convenient flat rate for their dues.

Recommended Settings for Month-to-Month Memberships

Membership Length - Enter 1 month. This will run from date to date (ex. June 20th - July 20th ; November 2nd - December 2nd).

AutoRenewal Settings - Turn this to "ON" to automatically renew the membership after one month.

Installment Plan - We recommend choosing the "Single Payment" option as your default installment plan since you are only collecting one payment at the beginning of every month the membership renews.

Attendance - Many studios allow members with month-to-month with unlimited access to all classes at the studio. You can also choose to limit attendance to a specific number of classes per week or per month to avoid overbooking your classes.

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