Customize Your Drop In Registration Form

Zen Planner lets you customize the registration form that appears when someone signs up for a class as a drop-in student from your online calendar.  Just follow the steps below and you will be able to collect the information that you need from drop-in students that will help you turn them into members.

Publish Your Drop-In Classes 

To activate this form, you need to have at least one class that has the "Allow Drop-Ins?" option checked and a drop-in fee assigned.



Check Your Online Payment Settings

If you want people to pay for their drop-in class online, you will need to make sure that your online payment gateway is up and running and that you have allowed people to pay bills online.

You can check your payment gateway settings by going to Setup> Business Info> Credit Cards & E-Checks.  If you haven't set one up yet, you will see a list of the online payment partners that Zen Planner supports.  When you click through a partner's name, you will see a sign up button to contact them.  Once you confirm that you are set up to process online payments through your database, you can move on to check your Member Privileges.

Go to Setup> Member Connect> Member Privileges and scroll down to the Financial section.  You must have the box next to Pay Bills checked in order for people to be able to enter payment account info and submit a payment online.

If you choose to offer drop-in attendance without having these things in place, people will be able to sign up online, but instead of being prompted for payment, they will have an unpaid bill added to their profile.  


Customize Your Registration Form


To edit your Drop In Registration Form, go to Setup > Member Connect > Registration Options > Drop-Ins.  This section lets you select what fields will appear on your Drop In Registration Form. The First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields are all hard coded to be required, but you can choose whether any of the other fields you add to this form are required or optional. A list of all the fields you can add to this form is available under the Add a Field> Select a Field pull down menu above the form builder.  If you need to add a field to your form that you can't find under the Add a Field dropdown, you can create your own custom field to gather the specific info you need.  Just make sure to save your changes to this form before clicking the Edit Custom Fields button so you don't lose your work.  Click here if you need help working with custom fields.


Preview Your Registration Form

To preview your form, click on the View Form on Member Website link and a new browser tab will open for with your member connect site calendar page active. Click into a future class, then click the Sign Up button at the bottom.  You will see the drop in option listed as a purchase option with the fee that you set in parentheses. If you click on the Register button next to the drop in option, you will see the registration page with the fields that you added.  If everything looks good, then you are ready to go.  To make any tweaks or changes, just return to Setup > Member Connect > Registration Options > Drop-Ins to make the changes that you need.


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