Setting up Family Memberships

If more than one person from a family is a student, we recommend creating a separate membership for each student. This allows you to track attendance basically maintain a detailed record of each student within Zen Planner.

Setting Up Bills for Family Memberships

You can set up all the billing for the family membership under one student's profile instead of creating a bills for each student from the family. This greatly helps simplify how you manage the bills for the family. For example, if a husband and wife are signing up for a couples membership for $200.00 per month, you can create a membership for the wife for $200 monthly. On the husband's membership, you can set up the membership for $0.00 monthly.

Applying Family Membership Discounts

You can also create a discount code under Setup > Financial > Discounts and Surcharges. A discount code can be a flat dollar amount or a percentage. When you register an additional family member for a membership, apply the discount to their membership to reduce their membership bill. At the end of your tax year, you can run a report that tracks how many discounts have been applied to all your memberships.

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