Fix Overlapping Memberships

Overlapping memberships are multiple memberships for one person in the same program and the same classes during the same period of time. The problem is usually caused when another membership is added to a person's profile, even though a membership already exists. When a person has overlapping memberships, it's possible that the person may be billed multiple times in one month. 

To fix overlapping memberships, review the memberships and determine which one is the correct membership and delete the incorrect ones. Once you have deleted the overlapping memberships from the Audit Overlapping Memberships Report, the person will no longer appear on this report. Click here to view the report in your database.

1. From the Audit Overlapping Memberships Report, click on the Edit Membership button next to review the terms and bills of the membership.


2. If the membership needs to be deleted, select the membership by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the Membership column.


3. Click on the Batch Update button at the top of the report to open the Memberships Batch Update window.


4. To delete all the memberships you selected, click on the "Delete Selected Memberships" link in lower right corner of the window.


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