How to Upgrade a Membership

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Zen Planner's upgrade a membership function allows you to upgrade (or downgrade) a person's current membership at any time using the Upgrade Membership link on a membership's detail screen. When you upgrade someones membership, their current membership is dropped and a new membership is added on the date you specify.

Please Note:  Using the upgrade function DOESN'T PRORATE OR OTHERWISE ADJUST THE BILLS for the current membership being dropped or the new membership being added.  All billing adjustments must be performed manually following the process outlined in this topic.

From the current membership, click on the Upgrade link to open the popup menu.




In the popup menu, use the New Membership field to select the membership option that you want to use for the upgraded membership. Use the Upgrade Date field to select when the upgrade should take effect. 

NOTE: If you are applying a credit from this membership to the upgraded membership, we recommend adding a note in the Notes tab.




When you go to the Membership History page for the member, you will now see that the current membership has been dropped as of the upgrade date and a new membership has been added. 




Applying Credit for a Previous Membership

To apply credit for a previous membership, you can manually edit the bill amount for the upgraded membership and deduct the credited amount from the bill.

Note: You will need to manually calculate the credit from the previous membership. Make sure you apply the change only to the first bill of the upgraded membership; this helps ensure that the next month's bill will be for the regular full amount of the upgraded membership.

From the Membership History page, click the name of the upgraded membership in the Description column. The screen will refresh to display the membership details for the upgraded membership. To edit the bill for the first month ONLY, hover over and click the specific bill under the Latest Bills section.



On the bill, change the Unit Price field under the Basic Info section to reflect the credit from the previous membership. You should also manually add a note in the Notes field under the Tracking Details section to record the fact that a credit has been applied. When finished, click on the Save Changes button.




Following this process allows staff members to specify how much credit should be provided for the previous membership and will only effect bills for the first month of the upgraded membership.  All the remaining bills for the upgraded membership should be for the regular price.

When the screen refreshes, you will see the Make a Payment page with the edited bill. You can now use an existing payment account to process a payment right away, or activate Autopay on the membership to schedule the payment for the first bill due date.

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