Managing Reservations on Memberships with Holds

Below is a detailed case on how to manage attendance limits with a membership hold.

Membership Dates: January 1 to February 1

Membership Class Limits: 3x / week

Attendance Starts on: Sundays

With these settings, Zen Planner creates attendance periods for the membership. Because there is a weekly class limit, the membership is broken into attendance periods that each last for 1 week (7 days) and every attendance period starts on a Sunday. Each attendance period is then assigned up three classes per week.


Hold Period: January 7 to January 17 (10 dates)

Hold Settings: Extend membership and bill dates (Recommended)

Updated Membership Dates: January 1 to February 11

When a student place a membership on hold, Zen Planner uses the hold dates to recalculate the valid dates when a student can attend classes. If the student is on a limited weekly membership, Zen Planner keeps track of how many classes were taken before the hold period and makes sure that the student isn't able to attend any classes for free when the hold period ends.


When a hold is added to a membership, Zen Planner performs these actions:

  • Removes the days that are on hold from the attendance period
  • Recalculates the valid dates for the attendance period based on the hold end date
  • If needed, extends the valid dates to the next attendance start day

The 10 days the student lost while they were on hold during attendance period #2 are added to the end of their membership month. The membership end date for their January membership has been updated from February 1st to February 11th. The student can use those extra 10 days to make up the classes that they missed while they were on hold.

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