How to Place a Membership on Hold


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Key Points

  • You can place a membership on hold when a Member temporarily needs to pause their membership and their automatic payments. By default, the membership's duration and automatic payment dates are extended by the length of the hold. You can choose to apply either or both of these changes to the membership.

  • Members won’t be able to make reservations on their own from the Member Connect website, but staff members can manually add them to classes on the studio website. Members on hold cannot check in through the Attendance Kiosk.

  • For limited weekly attendance memberships only: when the Member returns from a hold in the middle of the week, you must choose how to handle any classes remaining on their existing attendance period. The default setting is to create a pro-rated attendance period and restart their class limit. Or you can also choose to continue the existing attendance period and use the remaining classes.

  • You can run a Holds report to view all your members who are on hold and their hold reasons.
  • Members who are on hold are included in your active student count.


Why Place Memberships on Hold

Members sometimes need to place their membership temporarily on hold for several reasons: illness, vacation, injury or financial reasons. When a membership is on hold, the member's automatic payments can be delayed and the member cannot reserve any classes offered within the hold period from the Member Connect website.

If your hold is longer than a month, we recommend dropping the membership and adding a new membership after the member returns. This allows you to retain all attendance and billing records even though the person is not active.

Members who are on hold are included in your active student count for your Zen Planner bill.


How to Place Memberships on Hold

To place a membership on hold, go to the person's current membership and click on the Status button in the upper left hand corner.  In the drop down menu, click on the Hold link.




On the Hold Membership window, you will be able to set the begin dates and end dates of the hold. You must enter both dates; you cannot have a hold without an end date. You will need to enter the reason for the hold. This is a required field and is used in the Holds report to track your holds.

Learn more about Hold Reports.




How do Holds Effect Memberships

When a membership is on hold, the default system setting is to have the membership end date and the membership bill dates extended by the same length of time as the hold.  For example, if the membership with automatic payments is billed on the 1st of the month and a hold for 15 days is added, automatic payment will be moved to the 15th of the month for all automatic payments after the hold period.

The default hold settings will extend the bill dates and extend the membership duration. You can also choose to customize a member's hold by activating only one of the hold behaviors to suit a specific member situation.  Here is a description of the impact on a membership of activating a single hold behavior.

  • Extending the bill due dates only: Use this if you want to update the member's payment schedule to defer bill due dates to after they return from hold. This will update they're billing schedule to be offset by the number of days they are on hold. For example, a member who has a recurring bill due date of the 15th of every month who goes on hold for 7 days.  When they return from hold, their next bill, and all future renewal bills, will be due on the 22nd. Without the other behavior activated, the result will be extended bill due dates, and the member will lose the days they were on hold.  The membership will renew on the usual date, but the bills generated by the renewal will be due on the now updated due date.
  • Extending the membership duration only: The membership end date will be extended but the member will continue to be billed on the usual date even though their membership is on hold.  This means that even during the time period that the membership is on hold, the member will be expected to pay their recurring bills on the usual due date.  


How do Holds Effect Memberships with Limited Attendance

The system allows you to set the start day of your weekly attendance periods (under Setup > Programs > Attendance > Week Begins On) and keeps track of the number of classes every member reserves based on this setting. If the member reaches their class limit for the current attendance period, the system prevents the member from reserving additional classes on the Member Connect website.  Staff members, however, can still reserve and check in members on hold directly from the studio website calendar. 

Depending on the hold dates entered, your member may have unused classes on their current attendance period. By default, the system will start another attendance period for the remaining time between the hold end date and the next attendance period start date. This option allows your members to reserve classes immediately after their hold ends, however they will gain an additional week's worth of classes.

The other option is to extend the existing attendance period and allow the member to use their remaining classes after the hold end date until the new attendance period start date. This option allows your members to use their remaining classes, but they may need to purchase a drop-in class if they use all their remaining classes before the next attendance period starts.

In the example below, Sir Dude has a 3x/week membership. He has 2 classes left this week and is requesting a hold for 7 days. The first option creates a pro-rated attendance period from 1/12 to 1/18 and gives Sir Dude 3 extra classes, the usual amount of classes for one of his attendance periods, as soon as he returns from his hold. The second option extends his current attendance period.  This means that Sir Dude can use his remaining 2 classes immediately after his hold ends on 1/12 until the week ends on 1/18, when his next regular attendance period begins.



These options only apply to memberships with weekly limited attendance.  Members with monthly attendance limits are able to place their memberships on hold without any of these issues.

How to Report on Memberships on Hold

To view a list of memberships on hold, use the Holds report type. You can create a Holds report by typing "Holds" in the Power Search Bar or by typing "New Report" and selecting the Holds report type. This report helps you identify who is on hold and what are the most common reasons for holds.  To learn more about using reports click here

On the Holds report you can view the person, membership and hold reason for every hold. You can customize the list of available hold reasons by navigating to Setup > Database Tools > Lookup Codes and clicking the link Hold Reasons. You can also edit the list of hold reasons by clicking on the Tools icon  .  

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