Making Changes: Upgrades, Holds, and Drops

Zen Planner includes several tools that help you to make and track changes to your memberships over time.  These tools let you add notes and reason codes to each change, making it easy for you to understand WHY these changes were made.  Later, Zen Planner's reporting tools can help you better understand how your business is changing over time.

Upgrading Memberships

Upgrading a membership means changing the existing membership from the current membership option to a different membership option. This usually involves changing the programs and classes and creating a new installment plan. 

When you upgrade a membership, the current membership is dropped and a new membership using the new membership option you select is created based on the upgrade date you enter. Many studios use upgrades to change a member from a higher-priced membership option to a lower-priced membership option and vice versa.

Go to Setup > Lookup Codes > Membership Upgrade Reasons to edit upgrade reason codes for your database.

Holding Memberships

Holding a membership means temporarily suspending a membership and its bills because a member is sick, on vacation, or on military duty. You may also use a hold to suspend members who have delinquent accounts. You can specify when the membership hold starts and how long it will last. You can choose to automatically extend the membership's end date by the total number days of the hold. You can also choose to not bill the member if they have bill that has a due date during the hold period.

Members on hold will not be able to use the online reservation system or check into classes while their membership is on hold. Members on hold are included in your monthly active student count in Zen Planner. If the member will be on hold for more than 3 months, we recommend dropping their membership to avoid including them in your monthly active student count.

Go to Setup > Lookup Code > Hold Reasons to edit the hold reason codes for your database.

Dropping Memberships

Dropping a membership means canceling an existing membership and changing the member to ALUMNI status. A membership is dropped when the membership expires and it is not set to renew automatically. You can also manually drop a membership and choose to keep, modify or delete any unpaid existing bills in the membership. We recommend deleting the member's credit card and banking information when you drop their membership to prevent accidentally charging their card after they have dropped.

An Alumni is not included in your monthly active student count. Alumni may still have access to public features of your member website, such as your calendar and your online store. All of the information will remain in Zen Planner, including their personal information, attendance history, etc.

Since Alumni accounts are free, we recommend keeping your alumni in Zen Planner and use Zen Planner to continue marketing to your former members. You can re-activate an alumni account at any time by adding a new membership to their profile; this will automatically change their status from Alumni to Student.

Go to Setup > Lookup Codes > Drop Reasons to edit the drop reason codes for your database.



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