Batch Enroll Memberships into a New Class

When you add a new class to your schedule you will need to make sure you update the enrollments for any current students that will need to have the ability to reserve and be marked as attended for the new class.  This article will walk you through the process of identifying the memberships you need to update, and then using the Batch Update tool to update enrollments for multiple memberships in one job.  

Identifying the Memberships you Need to Update

To generate a list of all your current members, click into the Power Search bar in the upper left hand corner and choose New Report.  In the popup menu, choose Memberships.  By default this report displays all of the people who have a current membership and are enrolled in classes today. If you want to filter this report even more, click on the Add Criteria button to add more filter criteria and click on Refresh Report to update  your report.

Please Note:  You will only be able to batch update 50 memberships at a time to prevent the system from timing out.  Do not use the View All link in the upper right hand corner to increase the number of records presented.

In order to lock in your criteria, with the maximum correct number of records presenting, you will need to click the report refresh button and then the Show Pages button.




Next, click on the Select All icon beneath the Choose Template button to select all the displayed records on the screen. This step lets you control which memberships should be updated. Feel free to uncheck any membership that you don't want to update




When you're sure you have selected all the memberships that need to be updated, click on the Batch Update button  and choose the Programs and Classes tab. This tab displays a list of all the programs and classes that you have available in your database. Use the pull-down menus to select the class that you want to add to every membership. You can also click the multiple check box to enroll your batch of people into more than one class at a time. When done, click on Save Changes.




After the system finishes processing the enrollment update, it will return you to the report screen.  If you have more than 50 memberships that you need to update, you can use the page forward arrow button to move to the next 50 records.  




Use the same workflow of selecting all, then clicking the batch update button to access the tab to add enrollments to the next batch of 50 memberships.  Continue that process until you have updated all the memberships as needed.

Once you finish updating the memberships, the new class you've selected will be added to all of the memberships you selected.  Zen Planner will also make sure that each membership includes the correct program for the new class.  This means that if you're adding a class from the "Cardio" program to a membership that only includes the "Self Defense" program, then the membership will be updated to include the "Cardio" program as well.

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