Send New Members Account Info for the Member Connect Website

Key Points

  • If you are importing new members from another system, finish setting up your members first before activating the Create Password option. This way, your member connect site will be ready to go when your members first login.
  • Zen Planner has a default welcome message that is sent to your new members with their username and password. Learn how to customize your welcome message.
  • If a student cancels their membership, their status is changed from Student to Alumni status. Alumni are still able to access the member connect site, but they will not be able to access any pages that are setup for members-only access. Alumni are still able to re-join as a member, register for events, and purchase items from the online store.

Create Password for One Student

  • If you would like to test this step on a student before you send this in a batch. Please follow these steps-
  • Click on People> Students> Click on the Students name> Click on the Member Connect icon in their profile section.


  • Screen_Shot_2017-09-08_at_2.11.13_PM.png
  • Click into the checkbox that says Allow XX to log into the member webiste
  • Save Changes

Create Passwords Automatically

To automatically email a username and password to a new member, you need to go to Setup > Member Connect > Member Privileges and check the Create Passwords option. The Create Password option is designed to automatically create one username and password per FAMILY PROFILE.  This means that a password will automatically be sent to the email address attached to the head of the family profile.  If the dependent profiles need their own, unique login, follow the directions in the Create Accounts Manually section below.




The Create Passwords option automatically generates a username and password when the person meets the following conditions:

  • The person must have a current membership - i.e. is in Student status
  • The person must have an email address
  • The person must be the head of the household - i.e the head of the family

Create Passwords Manually


If you want to create a username and password for a person who doesn't meet the criteria for automatically creating an account, you can use the Batch Update button on the People report to generate and send the usernames and passwords to anyone in your database. Most frequently, studio owners want to manually generate accounts for current students who are not the head of household of their family because their bills are being paid under their spouse's account.

Before creating an account manually, make sure everyone who needs an account has a different address from their family's head of household. Once you have updated their email address, click on the People icon and click on Customize This Report. From here, you can filter this report to display and choose the people who need an account.  

Click on the Batch Update button and from the Batch Update window, select the Tools tab > Generate Passwords link. Once you click this link, a username and password will be sent instantly to all the people you selected from the report. 

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