Set Up Pay per Class

You can create any number of Pay Rates with varying criteria.  Additionally, each staff member can have more than one rate, as needed. Here are the steps to create pay-per-class-attendee and pay-per-tier pay rates. See a list of all the available staff pay rates. 

1. Go to Setup>Staff>Pay Rates. Click Add a Pay Rate.


2. Select By Class.


3. Enter the Pay Rate Details:

a. Enter a label for your Pay Rate.  

b. Select one or more Roles who will earn this rate.  

    1. Staff
    2. Assistant Staff

Note: If you have not assigned a staff member for a class, you can do so by editing the session properties of the class on the Calendar or by using the Batch Update tool on a Class Sessions report.

c. Enter the Base Rate for the class. This is the amount that will be paid to the staff member whether or not people attend the class. Set the Base Rate to $0  and use the Attendance Bonus option if you want to pay for attendees only.

4. Enter the Attendance Bonus Option:

The Attendance Bonus Option allows you to pay your staff members an additional amount when a certain number of people attend a class. The bonus pay is displayed on the staff pay roll report separately from the regular base price.

You also have the option to pay staff members for no-shows, or people who reserved a space in the class but did not actually show up to the class. Here are  the two attendance bonus options you can use:

  • Pay per Attendee - This setting lets you pay for each attendee. For example:
    • 1-3 attendees at $5 per attendee
      • 1st attendee = $5
      • 2nd attendee = $5
      • 3rd attendee = $5
      • Total for 3 attendees = $15
    • If you don't want to pay until the class reaches at least a certain number of attendees, set the first row to $0.00. For example:
      • 1-3 attendees to $0 per each attendee
      • 4-9 attendees to $5 per each attendee
  • Pay per Tier - This setting lets you pay a flat fee for a tier of attendees. For example:
    • 1-3 attendees at $25 flat
      • Total for 3 attendees = $25

5. Once you have finished entering the pay rate details and attendance bonus details, use the Staff tab to select the staff members who can earn wages at this pay rate. This setting allows you assign a pay rate to a particular staff member. Note: If the person is assigned to a class, they must be assigned to the pay rate to generate the payroll report correct. When finished, click on Save Changes.


5. From the summary page, you can see the newly created pay rate or edit an existing pay rate.


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