Set Up per Session Pay Rate (class or appointment)

How to create a per session (class) pay rate:


  1. Go to Setup > Pay Rates > Add a Pay Rate
  2. Select "Sessions" 
  3. Enter the Pay Rate Info
    1. Enter Pay Rate Label 
    2. Select Program associated with the pay rate
    3. Select the calendar item to associate pay rate with (classes or appointments)
    4. Select the session(s) associated with the pay rate 
  4. Enter Payment Info
    1. Enter Base Rate for the session (This amount will be paid to the staff member regardless of session attendance)
    2. Select Base Rate pay structure (allows you to pay your staff members an additional amount based on session attendance)
      • Base Rate Only - this option pays a flat rate, no attendance bonus
      • Base Rate Plus Attendees - this option lets you pay per attendee
        • Example: For 1-5 attendees to $2 per each attendee and for 5-10 attendees to $5 per each attendee
      • Base Rate plus Tier - This option lets you pay a flat fee for a tier of attendees 
        • Example: For 1-5 attendees pay $25 flat (total)
  5. Enter Staff Info
    1. Role (staff or assistant staff)
    2. Select staff member(s) who earn wages for this pay rate
  6. Save Changes


*For Base Rate Plus Attendees and Base Rate Plus Tier, you also have the option to pay staff members for no-shows (members who reserved a space in the class but did not actually show up)


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