Step One: Set Up Pay Period

Pay Periods are the time period used to generate the Payroll Report.  How often do you want to run the Payroll report?  When do you typically pay your staff -- weekly, twice a month, monthly?  We recommend setting up your Pay Period to match your payment schedule.

1. Go to Setup>Staff>Payroll Reports. Upon your initial visit to Payroll Reports, you will have the opportunity to set your Pay Periods.  


2. Select the Begin Date for your first Pay Period and the duration of each period.  This will generate a sample schedule for you to review. If you select "Every 2 Weeks," you may then customize the time frame of that pay period (screenshot below.) Review the "Proposed Schedule" to ensure the appropriate dates.


If you select the "Twice Per Month Custom" option as the "Duration" you will be able to select from the most commonly used payroll midpoints: the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. 





3. Click Create Pay Period.


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