Set Up Hourly Pay Rates

Zen Planner gives you the ability to create multiple hourly pay rates so you can effectively manage differing rates by business role, or even by staff member.  A staff member can also be assigned to more than one hourly rate if they perform different roles for the business (front desk, coach, class programming)

Here are the steps to create hourly pay rates. See a list of all available pay rate settings

First, go to Setup>Staff>Pay Rates and click Add a Pay Rate.  On the popup menu select Hours






Next, enter a label for your pay rate, a per hour rate, the staff members it applies to, and the start and end dates.  The end date is left blank for permanent or ongoing rates. Only use the end date field if this rate is temporary and there is an expiration date after which it shouldn't be used (holiday rates, events, etc.).




Then click Save Changes

Now, on the summary page, you can see the hourly rate you just added.  

From here you can click on an existing pay rate to edit it, or click the +Add a Pay Rate button to continue building new pay rates.





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