Set Up Commission-Based Pay Rate

You can create any number of Pay Rates with varying criteria.  Additionally, each staff member can have more than one rate, as needed. View other available pay rate options you can create.

1. Go to Setup>Staff>Pay Rates. Click Add a Pay Rate.


2. Select By Bill.  


3. Enter the Pay Rate Details:

a. Enter a label for your Pay Rate.  

b. Select one or more Roles who will earn this rate.  

    1. Cashier
    2. Sales Rep
    3. Primary Instructor
    4. Assistant Instructor

Note: If you have not assigned a Primary and/or Assistant Instructor to each Member in your database, you can do so from their member profile or the People report via the Batch Update tool.

c. Select one or more Income Categories (e.g., Tuition, Retail Sales).

Note: You can manage your income categories by clicking the Manage link.

d. Enter the Rate, then select percentage or a flat rate.  

e. Enter the Start Date.

f. The End Date can be left blank or you may enter one, as needed.  

g. Click Choose Staff.


4. Select the staff members who will earn at this rate. Click Save Changes.


5. From the summary page, you can add a new pay rate or click to edit an existing one.


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  • 0
    Uwem Ekpenyong

    Can you supply an example where the "flat rate" would be used? Is that just a certain dollar amount per transaction or bill?

  • 0
    Support Team

    Thanks for your question, Uwem.  A flat rate is exactly that, a certain dollar amount per bill.  One example might be that the Primary Instructor earns $10 for each membership that renews.

  • 0
    Matt Munson

    Can we add more fields/filters for the commission calculation?

  • 0
    Support Team

    Hi Matt,

    Can you tell us more about what you need?  We will be making some enhancements from the initial release, so we are happy to consider your needs.

  • 0
    Matt Munson

    You bet.

    I pay my coaches based on a % of revenue of the attendees of their class.

    So, lets say I want to pay my Coach, Jeremiah, 20% of the revenue that comes in every 2 weeks based on all bills paid by people enrolled in his 6:00pm class.

    I would need fields that let me specify the pay period (2 weeks), the income category, the specific class paid for, etc.

  • 0
    Tom Smith

    I pay my instructors different Commission %. For example, if I give my instructor a new client that came through the gym's marketing efforts I'll pay my instructor 50% of the fee. If it is a client that the instructor has brought in, I'll pay 60%. I have tried setting up the 2 pay rates. Both pay rates are assigned to the client. I need to be able to configure the correct rate on each client. I don't see if that is possible.

  • 0
    Support Team

    Hi Tom,  I'm going to forward your message to our Help Desk.  They can help you troubleshoot.  Thanks,  Anna

  • 0
    Monica Lewis

    In regards to Pay Rates:

    I've set $40 flat rate for new-1st time member,  AND commission for 20% of bill amount for class tuition.

    I wanted them to work together, but it is only showing the 20% commission.

    example: bill for new member = $100. The payout should be $60. (20% comm + $40 flat rate)

    any thoughts 

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