Step Three: Review and Close Pay Period

You can review the details of the Pay Period at any point, but once it has ended, you need to Close and Approve Pay Period. Make sure to close your pay period. If you don't close your current Pay Period, you will not be able to open another Pay Period. 

1. Go to Setup > Staff > Payroll Reports. The default view is the Current Pay Period.  Use the dropdown to view Past Pay Periods.  Click on any employee to review the details of the pay period.


2. When viewing the details of an employee, you can click on each row to see further detail.  Click Back to Summary to return to the complete Payroll report.


3. When you click Approve and Close Pay Period, there is a confirmation screen to continue. Once closed, changes cannot be made to the period.  From here you can export the data from the Pay Period.  You can also click into each employee to see the detail.


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