Step 6 of 6: Update Promotional Test Results

Once a test has finished, Zen Planner makes it easy to update test results for a test participants using the batch update tool.

The easiest way to delete test registrations for a group of members at the same time is to add the Undecided Test Results alert to your Dashboard. The alert is located under My Statistics > Customize Page > Promotional Tests.

1. When you click on the alert, you'll instantly see a list of all current test registrations.

2. Check the box next to the members you wish to update, then click on the Batch Update button.


3. In the Update Promotional Test Registrations window, click on the Results drop down menu to select Passed, Failed or Undecided.

4. Click on Save Changes. The rank histories for all the members you selected will be automatically updated with the result you selected and the date of the test will be recorded in the member's rank history.

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