Step 4 of 6: Register Students for a Promotional Test

1. To register a group of members, use the View Eligible Students link from the Promotional Test Page to view a list of all the members who are eligible for a test. You can filter this report adding criteria or by editing the report settings.


2. Check the box next to the names of the members you wish to register or use the Select All link to register every member displayed in this list.



3. Click on the Register For Test button to review the test registration details. Once you're satisfied with the registration details, click  on the Register Now button to register the members. A bill for any testing fees will be automatically generated an added to the member's account.

Helpful Tips

  • You may choose a different test in the Register for Test window from the Promotional Test field. This comes in handy if you need to move members from one test to another.
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