Activate Online Test Registrations

Unfortunately, Zen Planner does not currently allow members to register for tests from the member website. Most schools use the test requirements in the Program and Ranks setup menu as the minimum requirements for identifying eligible members.

The Eligible Students Report is merely a suggested list of test candidates; ultimately a school owner or instructor is responsible for approving and registering a member for a test. Zen Planner provides school owners with a batch update tool to make it simple an easy to register a group of students simultaneously.

However, many schools have other additional requirements that a student must pass before the member may test for specific ranks, such as attendance in a specific class, a written test or a certain number of volunteer hours at the school. Zen Planner doesn't have a way to track these additional requirements for now, so we cannot add online test registration from the member website.

Once a member is registered for a test, you can allow members to pay their test registration fees from the member website.

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