Step 1 (Option A) Set up Your Belt Test Requirements Based on Skills

You can create a skills database that assigns different skills to each of the belts in your program. When you teach a class, you can add these skills to a class and grade a student's skill during the class. A student can be graded multiple times for the same skill and you can review their grades in the personal profile under their skills history. Once a student has a passing grade on all of your skills required for a belt, you can use this criteria to help you identify and register students who are eligible for their next belt rank.

1. To set up your skills database, make sure you have your skills set up for each rank in your program under the Setup > Programs > Skills menu.

2. Add the skills you wish to grade to your class by choosing your class from the calendar and add the skills to the class.


You can search for skills to add to your class by rank, category, program or name (by typing on the search box at the top). Save your changes.

3. Once you have assigned your skills to the class, record attendance for your class. You will only be able to grade students who are attending class. Switch to the Skills view by clicking on the Skills icon at the top of the page.



4. In the Skills view, you can record your grades for each skill by person or by skill. You change the way your record the results from pass/no-pass to A-F scale from your skills database. You can also add notes to your grade and save these with the person's record. 



5. These grades are automatically reflected in the person's profile and when a person has completed all the skills for their rank, you can filter the the View Eligible Students report to display only people who have passed all their skills.

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