Step 1 (Option B) Set up Your Test Requirements Based on Attendance

Zen Planner helps you identify students who are eligible for tests based on the minimum time at rank or a minimum number of classes attended based on rank. You can update these requirements by going to the Setup -> Programs menu and clicking on the Ranks button next to the program. From there, you can see a list of all the ranks for your program, reorder your ranks and add additional ranks.


The fields you can use to measure belt test eligibility are:

  • Time At Rank - This is the minimum amount of time the student must be at this rank before they are eligible to test for the next rank.
  • Minimum Attendance (Min. Att.) - This is the minimum number of classes required at this rank before a student is eligible to test for the next rank.
  • Test Fee - This is the fee the student must pay to test for this rank. A bill for this amount is added automatically when a student is registered for a test.
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