Building your Skills Library

Building out your skills library is a simple and straightforward task.  Make sure that you already have skills tracking enabled by clicking here and checking the box next to Activate and also finish setting up the other options on that page if you haven't already.

Please note that the Description: I call these things setting you chose in the skills/workouts setup menu will replace the word ‘Workouts’ in the ‘Skills (Workouts)’ title throughout your database.  To keep things simple we will keep using the phrase ‘Skills (Workouts)’ in this article.

How to Enter Skills/Workouts into Your Database

Navigate to Setup>Programs>Skills (Workouts) then click the Add a Workout link at the top of the page.



From the Edit Workout pop-up window, you can manage how you want to measure the skills/workouts results and add a description. The category field should be used to organize your skills/workouts by focus.  This way as your skills/workouts catalog grows you can filter it by category to make finding what you want quicker and easier.  You can also add a resource URL to link the skill to a YouTube Video (or an online article, etc) so that you can demonstrate the proper way to do the skill. Make sure to save your changes.  All red fields must be filled in before you can Save Changes.


Screen_Shot_2014-12-22_at_11.58.21_AM.png      Screen_Shot_2014-12-22_at_12.16.51_PM.png


Continue using the +Add a Workout link and the process above until you have finished building your skills/workouts library.


Next Step:

How to Add Skills to a Class

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