How to Set Up Skills Tracking

The Skills/Workout Tracking system is designed to provide you and your members with the ability to control and track the progress of a member's skill set. The integration of our class scheduling system and skills tracking will allow you to assign skills to specific classes or a group of classes and track the progress of each member in that class.

Results can be logged by staff through the Studio, by staff or members on Faceboard, or by members on your Member Connect site or the mobile app.  Additionally, when you use Faceboard or members use the mobile app, results can be logged for classes that have been marked as attended and the ranked results can be viewed on the leaderboard. 


Setting up Skills Tracking


To set up and manage the Skills Tracking feature, go to Setup > Programs > Skills (Workouts) in your database and make sure the Activate? checkbox is checked.




From there you can set the optional skill tracking options:

  • Description - Choose how your results will be labeled.

  • Member Connect Workout Access -  Give members the rights to view and/or edit their own results from the Member Connect site & mobile app. If you want members to be able to log their own results, you must have EDIT Results checked.  You must have the Member Connect site active and provide your members access with a username and password to use this feature.

  • Public Leaderboard -  Give members and staff the ability to share their results on the public leaderboard.


Next Step:

Building your Skills Tracking Library


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