How to Add Skills & Workouts to Classes

Once you have created a skill or workout, you can assign it to your classes. For example, you might want to focus the Thursday class at 9:30 am on learning how to do a front kick; or you might want to assign the Fran WOD to all the classes that are being held on Friday, 7/13.  We will cover the methods for both assigning a skill/workout to a single class and to a group of classes below.

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How to Assign Skills/Workouts to Individual Classes

Go to Calendar and click on the class you want to add skills/workouts to.

From the class, click on the + Add workouts to a session to assign skills/workouts to the class.



From the Assign Workouts pop up box, you can filter the list of available skills/workouts by clicking on one of the categories in the left menu bar. You can also search for a specific skill/workout by typing it's name in the search box. Once you find the ones you want to assign, you can select multiple skills/workouts and hit save changes. They are now assigned to the class and are ready to record results.





How to Assign Skills/Workouts to a Group of Classes

 Go to Calendar and click on the List icon at the top of the page to view your class calendar in List view.




Check all the classes that you would like to assign the same skills/workouts for and click Schedule Workouts.




This will take you to the same Assign Workouts popup menu where you can add the skills/workouts you would like for that group of classes and save changes.  

If you would like to add this group of skills/workouts to more than the current week's classes on this page, click on Customize this Report link and use the Classes Report to  filter your list of classes and assign the skills/workouts to all of the classes using the Schedule Skills button.

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