Customize a Premade Email Template

Your Zen Planner database includes a lot of pre-made email templates that work for most fitness studios. To view and customize the text of an email template, go to Setup>Communication>Document Templates then click on the one you want to edit to launch the template editor.

The template editor helps you make changes to the text and appearance of the email. Most templates will include some text that has brackets around it, e.g. {FirstName}.  These are called tags and they are used to merge information from the member's profile into the template. The {FirstName} tag, for example, will be replaced with the person's first name when this email is actually sent.  To view and add a tag to your template, click on the Tag menu in the toolbar above the message box to view a list of available tags. Click on the tag and it will automatically be entered into your template at the current cursor position in the message box.  Remember to use punctuation and spacing around the tags as if they were normal text.  You can also format tags using the tools on the toolbar just like you would normal text.

The bottom section of the template editor lets you customize the delivery fields, e.g. To, Cc, Bcc, From and Reply To.  Most templates have the {SchoolEmail} or {PrimaryEmail} fields entered by default, but you can customize the email addresses that are used in the email fields using tags or by entering a specific email address.  

Here are some tags you can add to email fields:

  • {SchoolEmail} is the same email address listed under the Setup > Business Info>Business Info menu.  
  • {PrimaryEmail} is the primary email address listed on a person's profile in Zen Planner.   
  • Add Another Item lets you type in an actual address, such as  

When you're finished, click on Save Changes to save your work.  

How to Automate Your Email

Once you have edited your template you can choose to automate it.  To activate it as an automation, scroll to the top of the template and click on the Edit Properties link.  From here, you can click on the Automations tab to edit any automations the template may already be associated with, attach it to a premade automation or create a new automation altogether. 

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