Activate Miss You Emails

To automatically send an email to a member who has not attended any classes at your studio for a specific period of time, activate the Miss You Email. 

1. Go to Setup > Communications > Automations

2. Under Member, click on the Miss You (7 Days) automation to edit the settings. Make sure your settings match the criteria displayed below. 

  • Status - Set to Student
  • Send Message - Set to 7 Days After Last Attendance Date 
  • Repeat - Set to send this message again after 1 week if the person has still not attended within the last 7 days.

NOTE: You can optionally use the Program field to only send this email if the person hasn't attended classes in a specific program in the last 7 days. If you leave the Program field blank, the email will check for the last attendance date in ANY program.

3. To view and customize the email template, click on the blue arrow next to the Template field.

4. Check the box next to Automation is ACTIVE to activate the automation, then click on Save Changes.

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