Managing the Unsubscribe Link in Zen Planner Emails

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Zen Planner currently sends over 20,000 emails per day on behalf of our customers via our automated email system. To remain in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, our email hosting provider, SendGrid, has mandated that all outgoing emails that we send out, including the ones that we send on behalf of our Zen Planner account owners, include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

When Zen Planner initially developed our email automation system, it was designed to communicate with your existing members, and therefore did not fall under the scope of the CAN-SPAM Act.  As your needs have grown, many users are now utilizing the email automation system for marketing and prospecting.  These activities clearly fall under the CAN-SPAM act, and as SendGrid mandated, we must provide an opportunity for recipients of emails to “opt out” or unsubscribe.

In order to comply with the mandate, we immediately implemented an unsubscribe link that now appears on all emails sent through Zen Planner. If someone clicks on this link, they will be added to a do-not-email list in SendGrid and any emails you send to them from Zen Planner will no longer be forwarded to that person's email address.

We understand that this has a direct effect on your ability to communicate with your students. However, we must remain in compliance with this federal law and keep the unsubscribe link on all emails from this point forward. We are working towards a solution that will make it easier to manage these requests yourselves. For now, we will take responsibility for handling these unsubscribe requests on your behalf.

How to Resubscribe a Member to Your Emails

We have added the ability to view email delivery status and errors in your email history so you can better manage email issues, including students unintentionally unsubscribing.  If you have a person who has accidentally clicked on the unsubscribe link and you need to get them added back to your mailing list, please tell the person to send a request with their name, email address and the name of your studio to and we will manually remove them from the unsubscribe list so that they will once again be able to receive emails from you.

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