Email Delivery Status & Errors

Sometimes a student doesn't receive an email that you send them from your database and it isn't always clear why it happened.  You can view the completed status results for your sent emails in your email history to troubleshoot these types of issues.  

Just go to Setup > Communication> Email History to view your sent emails.  

On the main page you will see an overhead view of the server (delivery) & message status.  

After you click on a message you can view it's completed status and any error messages returned from the student's email domain. These messages are in a section at the bottom of the email labeled Email Status.  




Here are the definitions of some common error messages:

  • Previously Unsubscribed:  This email address was previously opted out of emails and did not receive this latest email message.

  • Unsubscribe:  This email address was unsubscribed when the person clicked the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this specific email.

  • Invalid:  The domain this email address is associated with (ex. gmail, yahoo, hotmail) doesn't recognize this email address.  Have the student or staff member validate their correct address.


If you encounter an error message that you aren't able to resolve, our Customer Advocates can help.   Email them at or call 866-541-3570.

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