Send an Email to Multiple People at Once

Zen Planner's powerful communication tools make it easy to send a one off email to multiple students at once.  You can choose to send a message that you have already composed (like a newsletter), or you can compose a message off the cuff and send it out right away (like an emergency weather closure notice).  

If you want to send a pre-composed email, like a newsletter, you will need to add it as a template under Setup> Communication> Document Templates

When you're ready to send out your email, click on the People icon along the left hand sidebar to access your people.  From here you can use the filters in the gray submenu to view the people that you want to target.




Once you pick your filter, you can choose the people you want to message.  

For this example, we will click on All Students to see all of your current students in the main screen.  If you have more than 50 active students, you will need to click the Show All link in the upper right hand corner of the screen first in order to show all the students on the same page.  You can choose all of them at once by clicking on the (+) select all icon above the checkboxes that run along the left hand side of their names.  If you only want to send the message to some, but not all, of the people on this list, you can still use select all, and then de-select the people you want to exclude from the email.

After you select the people you want to send the message to, click the Choose Template button.  

In the Choose a Template popup menu you can choose the Blank Email (Individual) to compose a message from scratch, or scroll through the choices to find a pre-made template to send out.  Any templates that you have created will also show up in the Choose a Template menu.


select_records.png        choose template.png     choose a mass template.png


After you make your choice, the system will take you over to the template.  If it's the Blank Email (Individual) template, you can compose your custom message then click the Send Emails Now button at the top.  If you chose a pre-made template, you can choose to make any additional edits in the document preview before clicking the Send Emails Now button in the top left of the screen.




The system will immediately queue your emails to be sent.  You can check on their delivery status by going to Setup> Communications> Email History.  Click into an individual email and scroll to the bottom to review the current delivery status message.  

If you see any errors you can't resolve, or experience any issues sending out your emails, please reach out to the Customer Advocates to get some quick help.

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)



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