How to Book Appointments with the Studio Appointment Scheduler

Click in the Power Search box in the upper left hand corner of your database and type "Appointment".  Select Add an Appointment from the drop down menu.

On the +Add an Appointment menu you will see all the appointment types with the price, or price ranges, for the staff that are eligible to be booked.  Roll your mouse over the appointment you want to create and click on it after it's highlighted.  


This will bring you to the Studio Appointment Scheduler.  Click the button next to a staff member's name in the left hand sidebar to filter the calendar to show only their schedule.  Available times will show as clickable blue blocks with the start time written on them. Grayed out blocks represent times when the staff member is already booked out with another appointment, class or event.  Click on the available desired appointment time to begin booking it.


Verify that the appointment type, time slot and assigned staff member on the +Add an Appointment popup menu is correct, then click Save Changes.


You will then access the Person tab to add the member name to the appointment.  Begin typing the student's name in the search box at the top and the system will list suggested student names below.  Click on the student's name you are booking the appointment for to select them.


Next, choose how the attendance will be paid for. If the student has an eligible membership, the field will default to that option.  Otherwise, you may see options to allow the student to pay the drop in fee set for that staff member for that particular appointment type, attend it as a free trial or purchase a new membership enrolled in the same program as the appointment type.  After choosing an attendance option, confirm your selection by clicking the button at the bottom to finish booking the appointment.

To view or make changes to the booked appointment, navigate to it in the studio calendar and click on it.

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