Holiday Calendar Changes

This process will let you delete specific class sessions without impacting other classes on your calendar.  This is useful when you need to cancel one or more classes due to a holiday or special event.

Go to the calendar in your database and navigate to the week where you will be changing the schedule.  Once you're there, click on the List view in the upper left hand corner.





From there you can select the classes you want to delete one of two ways.  You can click the box to the far left of any class to select it for deletion or you can use the Select All link at the bottom or top of the calendar to select all the classes for the entire week.





Once you have the classes you want to delete selected, click on the Batch Update button at the bottom or top of the calendar.  In the popup menu you will click the Delete Checked Sessions link in the bottom right hand corner to get rid of the selected classes.  You will get a popup warning that deleting these classes can't be reversed, click OK to continue.




How to Show School as "Closed" on the Calendar

After you remove the classes from your schedule you may want to add a message to your public calendar that explains why you're closed.  We are going to do this by adding an empty event to your calendar that is view only.

In your calendar click on the +Add an Event link in the left hand sidebar.




This will launch the Add an Event popup menu.  The very first thing you need to specify is whether this will be a one day or multiday event.  For example, New Years Day would be a regular one day event (January 1st); Christmas could be a multiday event if you plan to also cancel classes on Christmas Eve (December 24th & 25th).  Click the Multiday link if you need to have your message span more than one day.






Next you are going to define the Event Name, Event Category, Registration and Calendar Info.  Event Name is the name that will show on your calendar.  For Event Category you will need to choose Add Another Item from the dropdown and create a new category called School Closed to keep these events separate from your regular school events.  For Registration choose closed to prevent registrations.  Calendar info is where you define the times that you are closed. The screenshots below give you examples of how to setup the event based on being closed one day or two days.



  multiday_1.png    multiday_2.png


The only other tab you will need to setup is the Online tab.  Click on that tab and then click the box next to 'Show this event on the member website'.  Next click on the box next to 'Limit online registrations...' and specify the number of people to '0'.  After you finish setting that up, click Save Changes to lock in the work you have done on the new event.


What to do if you use the Appointment Scheduler

If you use the Appointment Scheduler and have it public so that students can book their own appointments, you will need to take an extra step to block it for that day.  In the calendar, go to the day(s) you are going to be closed for and add an empty all day appointment for each of your staff that are available to be booked online.  This will remove any availability they had for that time period from the appointment scheduler.

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