How to Create and Modify Class Reservations

Creating Reservations for Students

There are two kinds of reservations that staff can create for students on the studio calendar; single rsvp or a recurring reservation.

To create either a single class reservation or a recurring reservation, the staff member should go to the studio calendar and click on the class they need to make the reservation for.  From there, if the reservation is for a single class, the staff member should choose Add to Reserved from the Check In drop-down to the right of the member's name.  If you need to make a recurring reservation, click the Recurring button from the same drop-down menu.

Creating Recurring Reservations

After you click on the Recurring button, you will see the Recurring Reservation Popup.  On this menu you will see info about the class session & the member's membership that will be used.  Click the Automatically Reserve the Days & Times Above box and save changes.  This will reserve that class session using that member's membership, reserving classes through the end date of the membership.


Alternately, you can make a recurring reservation for a member through their current membership.  Go to their Member Profile and click on their current membership in the upper right-hand corner.  Click on the Programs link in the upper left-hand corner.  From there you can click on the star next to any classes that you need to make a recurring reservation for.  You will get the Recurring Reservation pop-up where you can complete the reservation as described above.




Modifying Reservations

You can access reservations by going to the studio calendar and clicking on a class, or you can go to a specific member's attendance history to modify recurring reservations.

From the studio calendar, click on the class and you can choose Check In to mark someone as Attended or Remove from the drop-down menu to the right of the member's name to remove the reservation.

To change a recurring reservation you can either change specific reservations or an entire series from the student's profile.  

To change specific reservation you need to go to the student's member profile and click on Attendance link on the left-hand side.  On the next screen click on the View Attendance History button in the upper right-hand corner.  This will show the member's complete attendance history and any future reservations.  From here you can check next to the reservations you need to modify and use the batch update button to make the changes.

When a single reservation is removed as a part of a recurring reservation, it will be added to the Attendance Exclusions area of their Recurring Reservation pop-up window. The exclusions list ensures that recurring reservations are not added back unless explicitly re-added by a staff member or client.  


To modify an entire series of a recurring reservation, click on the member's current membership in the upper right-hand corner of their member profile.  Then, click on the Programs link in the upper left-hand corner.  Click on the star next to the class you need to modify the reservations for and make any changes in the popup menu.  You will only be able to either create or completely remove recurring reservations.

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