Using iCalendar to Share your Studio Calendar

Your Zen Planner database includes support for generating and sharing iCalendar links with staff and the public so they can subscribe to the items you select from your studio calendar.  You can create multiple unique iCalendar links to serve different purposes, like a link that shows items that are only for staff or items that are only relevant to participants in a specific program.  Once you generate and share a link with the appropriate audience, they can subscribe to that view of your studio calendar and receive regular updates automatically to their chosen calendar software if it supports iCalendar subscriptions. 

The sync will show the calendar items for last month, your current month, and the month upcoming. For example, it is September 15. Our sync will display on your iCal or Google Calendar any calendar items for August, September, and October.

Here are a few examples of common reasons for sharing your studio calendar with an iCalendar link:

  • Generate an iCalendar link to your class schedule that you can share with students or the public so they can see your class offerings on their own Google or Apple calendar app without having to visit your company site or Member Connect site.
  • Generate an iCalendar link that shows booked appointments.  Share that link with your trainers so they can stay on top of updates to their appointment schedule without logging into the studio database. (This solution works best with Apple devices, see the "Please Note" explanation below)


Please Note:  Google Calendar does not support setting the frequency to refresh a subscribed to calendar, or to manually refresh one.  Google refreshes subscribed calendars once every 24 hours at varying times.  If you need your calendar to present as up to date and accurate within 24 hrs of making changes, you shouldn't allow staff or the public, to rely on an iCalendar link that they have subscribed to through Google calendar.



How to Generate an iCalendar Link for a Specific Calendar View

In your database, click on the Calendar icon along the left hand sidebar.  Use the filters in the submenu to customize the calendar view to only show the items that you want to share.





After you finalize the view,  go to the upper right hand corner and click on the Export to iCal button.  This will launch the popup menu where you can access the iCalendar subscription URL for your current calendar view, and read a brief explanation of how to use the URL.




After you highlight and copy the URL in the box, you can paste it into a message to send to the intended recipients.


For additional help with subscribing to an iCalendar link consult the support resources for your particular brand of calendar software.

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