Setting Up Programs

This topic shows you how to set up your programs. In Zen Planner, a program is short for a program of study. A program is a common subject area or curriculum that you cover, and is used to help your organize and group your data.  Each class and event that you schedule will be put inside a single program, so it's important to organize programs thoughtfully. 

Details regarding the price for the program and how the person will pay for the program are organized in the membership or membership option. You need to set up your programs first and then you can create a membership that includes any classes or events within that program.

You SHOULD create a separate program in these cases:

  • Different subjects - such as Karate vs. Yoga vs. Group Fitness.  Students who study multiple disciplines can have mulitple memberships, but this allows you to track their progress in each program separately.

  • Different rank systems - if kids get different belt ranks than adults, then you'll need to set up a different program for them.  See below for more information on ranking systems.

You SHOULD NOT create a separate program in these cases:

  • Different age groups - Kids eventually graduate from juniors to adults, so there's no need to make a separate program based solely on age.  Unless you're giving kids different belt ranks, leave them in the kid's program.

  • Different membership terms - Programs deal with WHAT you're learning, not HOW you pay.  Details such as the length of a contract or payment method will be handled by with each individual membership agreement, NOT as separate programs.

  • Different class bundle options - If you teach multiple subjects, you may offer an "unlimited" membership that encompasses every class in your school.  This bundled membership can span multiple programs, so you don't need to make a separate programs to account for these bundles.

In most cases, we recommend that you make no more than 3-5 programs in your entire database.  This will keep things simple and easy to maintain in the long run.  Go to Setup > Programs to create and manage the programs in your Zen Planner database.

Setting Up Ranks

If you track student's progress with ranks, such as colored belts or sashes, then you'll need to enter ranks too.  Each program can have a unique series of ranks and rank requirements. These rank requirements are used by studios who host promotional tests and require members to complete a certain number of classes before being eligible to test for a specific rank. If you do not use promotional tests, just ignore this feature.

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