How to Limit Student Access to Classes and Manage Enrollments

There are two ways to limit student access to classes; through enrollments in a membership option or enrollment settings for a specific student's current membership.  

Key Point

  • When you make changes to the enrollments for a Membership Option on the Setup Menu, those changes will update the enrollments for each student who currently has that membership option.


Changing Enrollments for an Entire Membership Option

If you want to update the enrollments for every student with a specific membership option, you need to update the enrollments of the actual membership option.  Go to Setup>Programs>Membership Options and click into the membership option that you want to update.  Scroll down to the Programs & Classes sections.  From here you can manage adding or removing access to classes and programs.  Remember to Save Changes after making your updates.



Changing Enrollments for a Specific Student

If you only need to update the enrollments for one member, you will do that through their current membership.  Go to the student's profile you need to update.  Click on their current membership in the upper right hand corner.  Once you are in their membership, click on the Programs link in the upper left hand corner.  From there you can add or remove the enrollments for this member's membership, just remember to save your changes at the bottom.



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