Setting up Classes: Memberships Tab

Key Points

  • Select the membership options that can access the class.
  • Max Enrollments field is used to manage closed class schedules.
  • Create a separate membership option to link to a class using a Max Enrollment.


After you finish setting up the schedule for a class, you will move on to the Memberships tab in the upper left hand corner of the class setup page.  On this page you will choose which membership options will have access to this class.  You can also access the Max Enrollments field from this page if you need to create a closed class.

Check the box next to all the membership options that should include enrollment in this class.  In the example below, members with the "2x per week", "1-Month Unlimited", "6 Months of being a BOSS" and "3 month prepaid" membership options will have open access to attend any of the Moving 101 classes for the length of their membership.  If you want to control the size of the class, the maximum number of people you can accommodate showing up to a given session, you will need to set up online reservations on the Online Tab (covered in the next topic).



Closed Schedule Classes and How to Use Max Enrollments 

Closed schedule classes are when a school assigns individual students to specific days and times (just like a regular high school or college class).  Members are usually expected to attend every class of their designated time, although Zen Planner can handle make up classes on an individual basis.  The Max Enrollment is used to control the total number of memberships that can be sold to attend a specific closed schedule class.  To set it up, you need to make a separate class for each scheduled day, time and calendar duration.  Then use the Max Enrollments field to limit the number of people who can buy a membership to sign up for this class. When you enroll a person in the class, the person is only allowed to attend the specific class they selected and no other classes.  

It is important to create a membership option that will be used exclusively for this class.  The Max Enrollment field in this class will automatically limit the total number of that membership option that is sold throughout the entire system, not just associated with this class.  This can make that membership option appear prematurely or instantaneously full and can cause confusion for staff & students.  

Examples of common scenarios this structure is used for...

  • Affiliate Gyms:  New athletes must attend a progressive series of On Ramp/Foundations classes over the course of 3 weeks in order to "graduate" to regular classes where they can then make and manage their own reservations.  Only ten athletes can be accommodated for each series to ensure staff can provide quality coaching to the inexperienced athletes.  Moving these new athletes through On Ramp/Foundations as a cohort creates a strong sense of community for them and can positively impact long-term retention numbers.
  • Bootcamps:  Bootcamp meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5am from Jan. 1st - 31st.  Your space can only accommodate a maximum of 20 students at a time to prevent overcrowding and to ensure enough equipment to go around.  A student is expected to attend every class session of the Bootcamp and their spot is guaranteed for the duration.  This structure creates a sense of community & accountability; it's easier to measure and celebrate group success.
  • Dance Studios: Starting Sep. 5th - Dec. 15thBeginning Ballet will meet every week on Tuesdays & Thursdays. The roster for this class is set by the the first week with a class limit of 12 spaces. This class holds high expectations for each student of consistent attendance and progress in order to move on to advanced classes.  

To set this up, enter the maximum number of students that can enroll for this class in the Max Enrollments field.  Check the box next to the membership that was created for this closed schedule class.  





Next, you can set up the member facing options associated with the class on the Online tab.  


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Setting up Classes:  Online Tab

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