Setting up Classes: Online Tab

Next, you can set up the member facing options associated with the class on the Online tab.  

When you click the box next to Show on Website? you will see more options appear.  

Online Reservations

When classes start getting full, many schools will require members to use the member connect site to reserve a space in the class in advance.  To do this, Click on Allow Reservations then use the Reservation Max to limit the number of people who can reserve to control the class size. You can also use the Waitlist Max field to allow people to add themselves to the waitlist if all the reservations are full.  

Use these pre-made automations found in Setup>Communications>Automations in the Calendar section to help your students manage their class & waitlist reservations. 

  • Class Reserved Reminder - Email
  • Waitlist Confirmation - Email
  • Waitlist Upgraded to Reserved - Email

Free Trial Registrations

Many businesses offer a free trial class to prospective members, and Zen Planner makes it easy for you to post free trial schedules online.  From your member connect site, a prospect can register for a free trial class and get a custom email confirmation and followup reminders before the class begins.  Just check the box labeled Free Trial? and Zen Planner will activate the free trial section on your member connect site.  To customize the confirmation and reminder emails, check out the section on email automations.

Use these pre-made automations found in Setup>Communications>Automations in the Prospect section to communicate with free trial participants.

  • Free Trial Confirmation - Email
  • Free Class Registration - Staff Task
  • Free Class Reminder - Email (1 day)
  • Free Class Missed - Email
  • Free Class Followup - Email

Drop-In Registrations

You can also allow your customers to purchase a drop-in pass for your class using the Drop-In Registration section. By checking the Allow Drop-In option and entering a Drop-In Fee, customers can register and pay for a single session of a class from the member connect site. This drop-in fee registration helps bring in new customers who are not ready to sign up for a membership and allows existing members who want to add a single class outside of their regular membership.

Use these pre-made automations found in Setup>Communications>Automations in the Calendar & Prospect sections to communicate with students who purchase a drop-in class.

  • Drop In Class Confirmation Email
  • Welcome Drop-In Student
  • Drop In Thank You Email





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