Setting Up Appointment Types

An appointment type is a template that you can use to quickly add appointments for your services. You can set up and save the default price, duration and list staff availability settings for your most popular services. You can also choose to publish your appointment types on your member website and allow members to book appointments for those services online.

This help topic shows you how to create your appointment types. We also show you how staff can create appointments from the studio calendar and how customers can book appointments from the member website. To activate your online appointment scheduler, the first thing you need to do is set up the different services that are available for online appointments and the hours of availability for each of your staff members for those services.

1. Go to Setup > Programs > Appointments, then click on the Add Appointment Type link to enter your services.


2. Fill out the Appointment Type Setup Page. Under the Appointment Info section, you can specify how often the appointment is available and how long it should last. You can also use the Show Busy fields to create buffer times between your appointments. If this appointment can be part of an appointment package, make sure to use the same program in the Program field here.

3. Under the Member Website section, you can manage the online appointment scheduler (the Make Appointment page) on the member website. To allow members to sign up for this appointment, you must check the Public? option in this area.

4. Under the Available Staff Members section, enter the rates that you will charge customers for booking the staff member. When a customer books this staff member for this appointment, a bill will be automatically created for the customer for the price listed and the customer will be required to pay online to complete their appointment reservation. If the service is free, enter $0.00 in Price field. Click on the Save Changes button to apply your changes.


5. Finally, you will need to add a schedule for your staff members in order to populate available times for booking. This can be found by hovering over a staff member's name in the Available Staff Members section > Edit Schedule > populate the staff member's appointment availability under the Schedule tab > Save Changes. You can elect to add multiple schedules if desired as well.


Your appointments are now active and available on your member website.

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