Activate Your Appointment Request Staff Alerts

To automatically send an email to your staff when an appointment request has been booked on the member website, activate the Online Appt Request - Staff Alert. 

1. Go to Setup > Communications > Automations

2. Under Calendar, click on the Online Appt. Request - Staff Alert to edit the settings. Make sure your setting match the criteria displayed below. 

  • Calendar item - Set this to Appointment / Private Lesson to trigger sending this automation for appointments only
  • Attendance Type - Set to "Drop-In" which is the default attendance type when a person books an appointment online
  • Reserved - Set to "Yes" which is the default RSVP setting when a person books an appointment online
  • Schedule - Set to 0 Days After Create Date - which is immediately after the appointment request is booked


3. To view and customize the email template, click on the blue arrow next to the Template field.

4. Check the box next to Automation is ACTIVE to activate the automation, then click on Save Changes. 

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