Create an Appointment Package

An appointment package is a membership where the person pays in advance for a specific number of appointments. As they attend or reserve an appointment using the online appointment schedule, Zen Planner automatically deducts one class from their package each time. When they finish all the classes or the package expires, they will need to purchase another package to continue booking appointments.

Recommended Settings for Appointment Packages

Program & Classes - We recommend creating a separate program for your appointments, such as Massage Therapy or Private Sessions. When you create an appointment package and the appointment type, make sure to select the same programs. Since there are no classes associated with this program, it will be listed as a program-only membership. 

Membership Length - Many studios set up their appointment packages to expire within 3-6 months. This encourages the person to attend as many appointments as they can using their package before the package expires. If you want to make the package essentially never expire, you can enter a membership length of up to 5 years.

Installment Plan - We recommend choosing the "Single Payment" option as your default installment plan on appointment packages. This allows members to pre-pay for all the classes upfront. Many studios provide a discount off the regular drop-in fee rate when a member purchases a package.

Attendance - In Zen Planner, you can manage the number of classes included in a class card membership by choosing the LIMITED to X total classes to under the Attendance > Class Limits section of the membership. "X" is the number of appointments available using this class card.


Online > Public? - Check this option to allow your members to sign up for this appointment package from your member website. This will allow your members to buy another package if they use up all the appointments in their current package.

Once the member purchases this appointment package, your members will be able to log in and use the Make Appointment page to schedule an appointment and pay for it using their package. Once they book the appointment, one appointment will be deducted automatically from their package. To cancel the appointment, the person needs to contact the staff member directly.

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