Enter Staff Appointment Availability

With Zen Planner, you can set up the hours when your  staff members are available for appointments and then specify which services can be booked with that staff member. You can also charge separate prices for each appointment.

For example, you can charge $25 for personal training with Matt but you can charge $45 for a massage therapy session with him. Matt is available for either appointment between 10 - 12 noon or 5 - 8 pm.

Entering Staff Schedules

The staff appointment availability setting is located under Setup > Staff > Staff Members. Click on the Schedule button next to the staff member's name to edit their staff schedule. 

The Schedule tabs allow you to enter up to 4 different schedules for the staff member. We usually recommend using Schedule 1 for setting appointment availability in the mornings and using Schedule 2 for setting appointment availability in the afternoons. 

Schedule settings allow you to specify when these schedules are active and in which locations. For example, a staff member is available in your main location on Mondays and Wednesday from 9-11 am and available in your second location on Tuesdays and Thursday from 1-3 pm. 

  • If the staff member is currently assigned to teach a class, or has another appointment booked, the time slot on the appointment scheduler will be disabled for that staff member during that time period.
  • Filtering the scheduler by staff member is available on the member connect appointment scheduler when staff have overlapping availability.
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