How to Contact Zen Planner Support

To contact our support team via phone, please call 866-541-3570

To contact our support team via email, please email

Logging into the Zen Planner Help Website 

Zen Planner's help website is integrated with your Zen Planner account, so there is no need to create a new username and password on the help website. To access the help website, click on the Help icon at the top of your page for help documentation or access


When you land on the help website, you should see your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you see a login link instead, click on the login link to complete your automatic login. Once you click this login link, the help website should automatically recognize you every time you access the site.


Submitting a Help Ticket

Once you are logged into the help website, you can use the "Submit a Request" link to send a help ticket to the Zen Planner Support Team. The Support Team reviews and responds to all incoming tickets as quickly as possible and you will also receive an email confirmation with a link to your help ticket.

By default, any comments or updates to your help ticket will be automatically emailed to you. You can also review all your open existing tickets by clicking on the "Check Your Existing Requests" link at the top of the help desk.


Helpful Tips for Submitting Tickets

  • DO try to briefly describe the gist of your request in the "Subject" field
  • DO provide as much detailed information as possible so the support team can confirm that a problem exists; examples of people who seem to have an issue gives our team a good place to start troubleshooting and helps us identify possible causes for the problem much more quickly.
  • DON'T forget to provide feedback when your issue is "Solved". Our Support Team strives to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, so please let us know how we are doing.

To see more about our help section, click here.

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