What are Cookies and Why does Zen Planner Require Them?

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is a small file stored temporarily or placed on your computer’s hard drive.  The main purpose of a cookie is to allow a web server to identify your unique computer and web browser, and tailor web pages and/or login information to your preferences. 

How does Zen Planner use cookies?

When you login to your gym's Member Connect site, a unique cookie is generated for your web browser.  The cookie that is created when you securely login is a "session cookie" that allows Zen Planner to validate that it's you, and not an outside party, as you navigate from page to page.  This prevents anyone but you from accessing your personal information, including billing accounts.  Cookies don’t give us access to your computer, and the information we collect through cookies doesn’t include personal information.  After you end your browsing session by exiting your browser, the session cookie expires.  You will be prompted to login again when you return to the Member Connect site in a subsequent browser session.  Click here for more information about session cookies on

How do I enable cookies?

Enabling cookies is different for each web browser.  Click here to be taken to where you will find current information on enabling & controlling cookies for your specific browser.  Please note that if you do decide to disable your web browser’s ability to accept cookies, you won't be able to access your member account through the Member Connect site or complete any financial transactions through the site.

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