NPE Dashboard Overview & Setup

To help support our NPE customers, we have brought your NPE Profit Analyzer to your Zen Planner dashboard!

All of the data that you have been consulting to drive your business in the NPE profit analyzer can now be viewed simply by clicking on the "NPE Dashboard" button in the left hand sidebar of your Zen Planner dashboard.  This article will give you a brief overview of how to setup your database in order ensure that all of the data you were tracking in the profit analyzer, gets reported correctly on your NPE Dashboard.



How to Set Up Your Database for the NPE Dashboard

In order to pull your dashboard numbers accurately, you will need to set up a specific set of programs, classes, an appointment type and an expense category.


Go to Setup> Programs> Programs and build out the following programs:

  1. Group Training
  2. Semi-Private Training
  3. Personal Training

  They should appear as programs # 1-3 exactly as seen in the screenshot below.



Expense Category

Go to Setup> Database Tools> Lookup Code> Expense Categories and create a category called Marketing, like the screenshot below.




You will need to create three core appointments to feed data accurately into the report:

  • Consultation (Group Training)
  • Consultation (Semi-Private)
  • Consultation (Personal Training)

**The settings above for Appointments are for changes that will take place in near future, if you have questions or concerns regarding setup, please contact our support team at 866-541-3570 or (Dated April 23, 2015)**





You will need to create these core classes to feed data accurately into the report.:

  • Group Training
  • Semi-Private Training
  • Personal Training




Any additional classes you create that should be accounted for on the NPE Dashboard will need to be categorized under one of the three core programs you created earlier.



You don't need to create any special memberships, but you can only enroll each membership option in one program.  That one program has to be one of the three core programs you created when you began setting up your NPE Dashboard.


Need Some Help?

If you have questions, or need help getting this set up, please reach out to the Zen Planner customer advocate team for help:

Phone:  866-541-3570, M-F (7a-7p mountain time)



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