How the Retail Store Works

The retail store feature in your database allows you to manage retail product inventory and sales for your business.  After you setup up your product catalog, you can make your online store public, empower your staff to sell & track inventory and you will be able generate retail sales reports to measure successes and identify opportunities. 


Setting Up the Retail Store

Only staff members who are database owners, or who have the Retail Store setup role active on their staff profile, have the ability to create and manage the  product catalog. These staff can set up each product in the Product Catalog and manage various settings related to the product, such as product category, applicable taxes, available orders and product reorder levels. They can also generate reports to track inventory and retail orders for each product.  If the staff member is a database owner, they will also be able to pull financial reports for the retail store and manage applicable tax rates & discounts.

In addition, these staff will also have the ability to set up shipping options for the retail store.  These options can be set up to allow you to charge a flat fee to process & ship these types of orders. For example, these can be based on the carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx), by weight or by total order amount.  You can also add taxes for shipping fees.  


Retail Sales in the Studio Database

Only staff members who have the Cashier staff role have access to the retail store features in the studio database. Cashiers can add items to the Shopping Cart and either lookup the customer's name to use a saved payment account or add it to their next autopay bill.  Cashiers can also swipe the customer's card and process the sale without saving the person's contact information.

During checkout, cashiers can manually type in a CVV code which helps you obtain better rates on processing the transaction with your merchant account provider. Once the checkout process is complete, the cashier can print a receipt for the customer or you can activate an automated payment receipt email that can be sent to your customer's email address.


Retail Sales on the Member Connect Online Store

Once you have entered products and made them public, anyone who visits your member connect site (or your retail store checkout embed on an external website) will be able to buy those items online.  When a person buys an item from the online store, they are required to enter a payment account to pay for their item online.  If they have an existing profile in your database with a valid payment account associated with it, they can login and use that saved payment account to to complete their order.

To ensure that all online retail sales get processed quickly, activate the Order Confirmation - Email automation to notify the customer that the order was received, and your staff that a new online order is waiting to be processed.  

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